Seeds of Empowerment

January 16, 2014 by Madeleine Lesser

In 2014, RFUND is once again partnering with longtime friend COMMUNIDAD VIVA of Bolivia in support of women artisans who sustain themselves and their communities by weaving bags, tablecloths and other goods from the native Bromelia hieronymi (garabata).

In the words of Comunidad Viva director, “The sustainable harvesting and cultivation of Bromelia hieronymi by the artisans in Puesto Paz  and the international market through which they participate has allowed the women to maintain their identity and culture despite the strong influence of the modern way of life.”

Photo: Esther Chiquejno – one of the best Cheque Oitedie’s weaver – weaving the bag’s shoulder strap. By, Ines Hinojosa


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